Disciplinary Grievances Against Practitioners - page 8

Continuing to practice before the Court without notifying the Court of a
suspension or disbarment may also violate Model Rule 5.5 as
unauthorized practice of law.
VII. Supervisor Responsibility
Ensuring Employees Comply with Rules.
Supervising attorneys are required to take reasonable steps to help ensure
that their subordinates, including attorneys, comply with the Court's Rules
and the ABA Model Rules.
A supervising attorney may be held
responsible for a subordinate's failure to comply with the rules, for
example, by failing to timely file a required document, such as a notice of
appearance, statement of issues, or a brief.
Model Rules 5.1(c)(2) and
5.3. The Court has analyzed the duties of supervising attorneys as a part of
the Court's disciplinary process.
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