Case initiating documents such as Notice of Appeal or Petition for Extraordinary Relief should have
supporting documents such as Fee agreement and/or Notice of Appearance submitted as separate
documents from the case initiating document.
Document Tips
For other pleadings such as EAJA Applications, all parts of the pleading such as exhibits and
attachments should be submitted as one PDF document when filed by the Filing User in CM/ECF.
All personal identifiers should be redacted from documents that are not designated as locked
documents (Locked Document Example: Notice of Appeal).
All documents must be submitted as a native PDF.
To create a PDF from pictures, images or multiple documents, the Filing User can copy and paste
pictures into the PDF document.
In Microsoft Word, try using the Insert – File or Insert – Object feature to incorporate other Microsoft
Word or PDF files into the document
After incorporating all parts of the pleading into one document, convert the file into a PDF format
For most PDF Writers, click File – Print then select the virtual PDF printer. Save the PDF file in the
appropriate folder
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