Step 2A: Recap the steps to docket a Motion
To recap the steps to file a document, the Filer will do the following:
Login to the CM/ECF System
Select “Docketing” and then “File a Document” from the menu bar on the Startup Page
From the “File A Document Window”, the Efiler will supply the Case Number, and then
select the Category and Event for the filing to be completed
Hit Continue Button
In the Party Filer Window, the Efiler will select the Party that the Efiler is filing on behalf.
Under the Relief Window, the Efiler will select the Motion Category (ex: extension)
Under the Relief Window, the Efiler will select the Relief Description (ex: extend time to file
Appellant brief)
Hit the Apply button which will populate the “Selected Reliefs Window”
After verifying the Selected Relief, the Efiler will select Continue
10. In the PDF Document Window, the Efiler will select the “Browse” button to browse to the
local copy of the PDF Document that needs to be filed.
11. Once the PDF Document has been selected and the “OK” button has been selected, the
path to the document will be in the “Document” window and for a filing requesting a date,
the “DATE” Window should contain the requested date (see below).
12. Select Continue and the Docket Text Window will appear (sometimes with a dialog box to
type additional information and sometimes not).
13. Select Continue and the “Event Review” dialog box will open. Verify the information and
then select “SUBMIT”.
14. Select “Ok” for the Event Docketed Window and Review the “Notice of Docket Activity”
window that opens.
15. If the information is correct in the NDA, print and/or close the Window.
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