The third step on this page is to select the Party that the attorney is filing the Notice of Appearance
for. Select the party by clicking with the mouse in the box next to the Party Name. Once you click in
that box with the mouse, a check mark will appear (see below):
The fourth step on this page involves “finding” the attorney name/record in the CM/ECF Database.
Using the “FIND” button, an attorney search box will open and the person record returned is based
on the user that is logged in. Select “OK” on the Attorney Search Page. The Address Selection page
will be returned and if the information is correct, please select “OK”. Once you have done the FIND,
and selected ok to the both the Attorney Search and Address Selection page, the Attorney info will be
in the Attorney Pane (see below):
Attorney Search:
Address Selection:
1...,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49 51,52,53