Welcome to the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Electronic Filing Training Module. The Court has
implemented an application called CM/ECF which stands for Case Management and Electronic Case Filing. The
application is the Court’s main case management application and the Court’s only electronic filing program.
Electronic filing, or efiling, is a method of filing court documents that uses an electronic format rather than a
traditional paper format. By utilizing efiling, all represented parties and the Court will be able to docket events,
file pleadings, and retrieve court documents instantly through this application via the Internet.
Requirements and Login Training Manual
Here are the topics that will be covered in this training:
Review of the application and software requirements
How to check the version of Internet Explorer
How to check the Java version and update it
How to change popup blocker settings
How to log in to the Court’s CM/ECF Application
An introduction to the CM/ECF Application Startup Page
How to log out properly
Step 1:
Review of the application and software requirements
First, please make sure that you have the necessary applications and software requirements to successfully use
the Court’s EFiling Application. Here’s a recap of those requirements:
You will need a PC with Windows 2000, XP or Vista (MACS are not supported for this application)
A fast internet connection
Adobe Writer or equivalent software that can generate native PDF’s (not Adobe Reader)
A browser (Internet Explorer 6 or higher or Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher)
Java Version 6 or higher
NOTE: PC’s with Windows98 and earlier Operating Systems are not supported.
The Adobe Writer (or equivalent) Software will enable all documents created in a Word
Processing software such as WordPerfect or Microsoft Word to be converted to a Native PDF
document for submission to the Court.
Check with your IT Professional to see if you have the first three requirements. We will demonstrate how to
check for the other two requirements. The CM/ECF Application uses Java version 6 or higher, but Java 6 only
works with Internet Explorer 6 and higher. Hence, we will begin with checking the Internet Explorer version. You
may use a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox as long as you have Java 6 installed.
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