E-Filing Rules - page 2

E-Rules 2
/s/ John S. Doe
John S. Doe, Attorney
(3) The term "CM/ECF User" means a
registered CM/ECF participant (party or
(4) The term "locked" means that an electronic
file will be inaccessible to the public and only
accessible to CM/ECF Users in a particular
(5) The term "log-in" means the password and
username issued to each CM/ECF User.
(6) The term "Notice of Docket Activity" means
an electronic notification generated by the
CM/ECF system that is transmitted by email to
all parties and representatives for that case.
This Notice of Docket Activity constitutes
"notice" and "service" to all CM/ECF Users
who have registered for electronic filing
participation in a particular case.
(7) The term "official record" means the
electronic version of a document that is stored
by the Court within the CM/ECF system, which
is time and date-stamped by CM/ECF when
(8) The term "password" means a sequence of
characters and letters used to verify the
authenticity of a CM/ECF User's log-in.
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