E-Filing Rules - page 3

E-Rules 3
(9) The term "PDF" means portable document
format. PDF is a universal electronic file format
designed to allow documents to be viewed,
navigated, and printed from any computer.
(10) The term "personal identifier" means a
Social Security number, date of birth, financial
account number, or name of a minor child. It is
each CM/ECF User's responsibility to redact
personal identifiers from any documents filed
electronically that are not designated as locked
(11) The term "pro bono limited appearance"
refers to participation by a pro bono
representation program for purposes of filing a
motion for stay of proceedings, pursuant to Rule
5 of the Court's Rules of Practice and Procedure.
U.S. V
. A
. R. 5.
(12) The term "single consolidated document"
means the electronic conversion of multiple
documents into one word processing document
that will become the single PDF document.
(13) The term "Non-CM/ECF User" means a
self-represented or other party exempted by the
Court from using the CM/ECF system.
E-Rule 2 - Scope of Electronic Filing
(a) Except as otherwise prescribed, all cases filed in the Court
are assigned to the CM/ECF system. Administrative matters,
including attorney disciplinary actions and judicial complaints,
are not assigned to CM/ECF.
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