E-Filing Rules - page 4

E-Rules 4
(b) Self-represented parties are exempt from submitting
documents through CM/ECF, but may submit any document as
an attachment to an email to the Clerk of Court at
All documents attached to emails
must be in pdf format; have at the top the names of the parties
and the docket number of the case, if one has been assigned;
and bear an electronic signature. Also, the subject line of the
email forwarding the document should include the name of the
document (e.g., Motion to Dispute RBA), the names of the
parties and the docket number of the case, if available.
Rule 25(b)(3) (Method and Timeliness-Email); E-Rule 1(a)(2)
and (9)(Definitions); and E-Rule 10(Electronic Signatures).
(c) Except for documents initiating cases in the Court (such as
a Notice of Appeal or petition for extraordinary relief), all
submissions filed by a representative must be filed
electronically using CM/ECF.
But see
(e) below. For
documents initiating a case, in addition to conventional
methods of filing,
R. 3, 4, 25, such
documents may also be filed by attaching the document to an
email sent to
(d) If a document is filed electronically, paper copies are not to
be filed. The Court may request paper copies of electronically
filed documents as needed, and the CM/ECF User must
promptly file the requested copies.
(e) Upon motion and a showing of good cause, the Court may
exempt a representative from these provisions and authorize
filing by means other than use of CM/ECF.
(f) All electronic documents must be filed in pdf format.
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