E-Filing Rules - page 8

E-Rules 8
CM/ECF Users in that case. Parties who are not registered
CM/ECF Users or CM/ECF-exempt representatives must be
served conventionally (in accordance with Rule 25(b) and (c)
of the Court's Rules of Practice and Procedure) with a copy of
any document filed electronically.
U.S. V
. A
. R. 25.
(b) The Secretary is always considered a CM/ECF User. The
Secretary shall provide to the Court a general email address
where notices of docketing activity may be sent in any case
prior to the entry of an appearance of a specific attorney.
E-Rule 7 - Attachments and Exhibits
Unless the Court permits or requires traditional paper filing,
CM/ECF Users must submit all documents such as exhibits or
attachments as a single consolidated document in electronic
PDF format. If a CM/ECF User submits a PDF document
consisting of more than one attachment or exhibit, then the first
page of the consolidated PDF should be a table of contents
corresponding to the pagination of the PDF file.
E-Rule 8 - Sealed Documents
CM/ECF Users must file sealed material or motions to seal
using CM/ECF and a specific docket entry (SEALED
DOCUMENT FILED). Sealed material must also be filed in
accordance with Rule 48 of the Court's Rules of Practice and
Procedure, which requires filing the material with a motion to
seal. If the motion is granted, electronic access to the sealed
material will be automatically limited to the Court and
CM/ECF Users in that case.
U.S. V
. A
. R. 48.
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