Internal Operating Procedures - page 1

United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
These IOPs are promulgated pursuant to 38 U.S.C. § 7264, which provides: "The proceedings of
the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims shall be conducted in accordance with such rules of
practice and procedure as the Court prescribes."
These IOPs are separate from and in addition to the Court's Rules of Practice and Procedure and
are adopted and promulgated for informational purposes and internal instruction and guidance.
Nothing in these IOPs confers any rights or obligations upon parties or individuals, or the
Judges, the Clerk of the Court, the judicial law clerks, or the staff of the Court, except where
mandated by statute or by a judicial decision binding upon the Court.
The Board of Judges may modify these IOPs at any time and, for good cause, the Chief Judge
may extend any time period established herein.
Adopted by the Board of Judges January 9, 1992
Changed September 10, 1992
Revised October 5, 1994
Changed October 25, 1995
Revised June 2, 1997
Changed September 24, 1999
Changed November 10, 1999
Changed November 6, 2000
Changed December 18, 2000
Changed May 29, 2002
Changed February 14, 2003
Changed May 25, 2004
Changed August 1, 2011
Changed July 6, 2012
Changed November 30, 2012
Changed November 5, 2013
Changed April, 28, 2015
Changed June 3, 2016
Changed September 21, 2016
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