Internal Operating Procedures - page 2

I. Screening Process
(a) Duties of the Central Legal Staff and Public Office
(b) Duties of the Screening Judge
II. Single-Judge Action
(a) Policy
(b) Procedure
III. Reconsideration, Requests for Panel Decision, and Subsequent Appeals
(a) Reconsideration and/or Request for Panel Decision.
(b) Subsequent Appeals
IV. Oral Argument
(a) When Allowed
(b) Time and Manner
V. Panel Process
(a) Policy
(b) Forming Panels
(c) Panel Disposition
(d) Panel Action and Separate Statements
(e) Dissolving Panels
VI. Post-Panel Process
(a) Reconsideration
(b) Review
VII. En Banc Process
(a) Policy
(b) Procedure
VIII. Publication of Court Actions
(a) Policy
(b) Designation for Publication
IX. Motions, Consolidation
(a) Motions
(b) Consolidation
X. Internal Circulation of Decisions
(a) Policy
(b) Procedure
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