Internal Operating Procedures - page 5

A panel consists of multiple Judges (usually three, and always at least three), acting
on a matter together.
Period of Circulation or Notification.
Any period of circulation or notification does not
count the first day of the period.
Presiding Judge on a Panel or Senior Judge in the Majority.
The Judge on a panel having
the highest order of precedence is the presiding Judge on the panel, and the Judge having the
highest order of precedence of the Judges in the majority is the senior Judge in the majority.
Public Office.
The personnel responsible for processing cases and assigning them to Judges
constitute the Public Office.
A decision of the Court is published electronically or hard bound, in accordance
with Section VIII of this IOP.
A majority of a multiple Judge panel constitutes a quorum.
Screening Judge.
The Judge making the initial review of the case is the screening Judge.
Senior Judge.
A Senior Judge is a recall-eligible retired Judge as contemplated in 38 U.S.C.
§ 7257. NOTE: "Senior Judge" does not refer to status as a presiding or senior Judge on a panel.
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