Page 10 - Rules Governing Judicial Misconduct

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(c) Legibility.
Petitions should be typewritten if possible. If not typewritten, they must be legible.
(d) Number of copies.
Only an original is required.
(e) Statement of grounds for petition.
The petition should set forth a
statement of the reasons why the petitioner
believes that the Chief Judge should not have dismissed the complaint or concluded the proceeding. It should not repeat
the complaint; the complaint will be made available to members of the judicial council considering the petition. The
petition should be limited to five pages (five sides), on paper not larger than 8½" by 11", with no appendix or
(f) Signature.
The petition must be signed.
(g) Where to file.
Petitions should be sent to
Clerk, United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
625 Indiana Avenue, NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20004-2950
The envelope should be marked "CONFIDENTIAL: Misconduct Petition" or "CONFIDENTIAL: Disability Petition." The
name of the judge complained about should
appear on the envelope.
(h) No fee required.
There is no fee for filing a petition under this procedure.
(a) Receipt of timely petition in proper form.
Upon receipt of a petition for review filed within the time allowed and
in proper form under these Rules, the Clerk of the Court will acknowledge receipt of the petition. The Clerk will
promptly provide each member of the judicial council, except for any member disqualified under Rule 18, copies of
(1) the complaint form and statement of facts,
(2) any response filed by the judge complained about,
(3) any record of information received by the Chief Judge in connection with the Chief Judge's consideration of the
(4) the Chief Judge's order disposing of the complaint,
(5) any memorandum in support of the Chief Judge's order,
(6) the petition for review,
(7) any other documents in the complaint file that appear to be relevant and material to the petition,
(8) a list of any documents in the complaint file that are not being sent because they are not considered relevant and
material, and
(9) a written ballot that conforms with Rule 8(a).
The Clerk will also provide, by personal delivery, or certified or registered mail, with return receipt, the same materials,
except for the ballot, to the judge complained about or the complainant (if the judge complained about filed the petition),
except that materials previously provided may be omitted.