Oral Arguments Guide for Counsel - page 5

single day, it generally hears one argument at 10:00 a.m. and one at 1:30 p.m. The Court may also
hear argument in two cases on a single morning, beginning at 10:00 a.m. and may adjourn after the
argument in the second case ends, usually around noon. Rule 34 of the Court's Rules of Practice and
Procedure contains additional information concerning oral arguments.
When your case has been calendared for argument, the Clerk will send a notice to counsel.
For directions to the Court, see the Court's Website,
Occasionally, the Court holds oral arguments on law school campuses and other locations
throughout the nation. If you are preparing for such arguments and need further information about
the location of the argument, please call the Clerk's Office at the number provided in Section I,
To the extent possible, the Clerk will endeavor to schedule the oral argument to avoid
conflicts. If counsel have any longstanding professional or religious commitments, or for some
reason cannot appear for oral arguments on the date set for argument, counsel must file and serve
a motion to opposing counsel to continue the argument. An affidavit providing the reasons for the
request must accompany the motion.
Please advise the Clerk of any necessary accommodations (e.g., a wheelchair), to permit
suitable arrangements at the counsel tables.
Arguing counsel and co-counsel who will be seated at the counsel tables for cases to be
argued in the morning must report on the day of argument to the conference room in the second-floor
library of the Court at 9:15 a.m. The Clerk will brief counsel at this time on Courtroom protocol and
answer any last-minute questions they may have. Arguing counsel and co-counsel whose cases are
scheduled for the afternoon session need not be present in the morning for the Clerk's briefing or the
oral arguments, but must instead report to the library on the day of argument at 12:45 p.m. for a
briefing by the Clerk. If desired by counsel, the Clerk will make arrangements for wi-fi access in
the courtroom and, should counsel find themselves in need of anything unexpectedly, the Clerk will
attempt to accommodate counsel's needs.
Appropriate attire for counsel is conservative business dress in traditional dark colors (e.g.,
navy blue or charcoal gray).
Electronic devices may be used by counsel in the Courtroom. If access to wi-fi is needed,
please notify the Clerk during the briefing. Cell phones and any other electronic devices not in use
must be turned off or in silent mode and stored. Coats, hats, and unneeded papers of arguing counsel
and co-counsel may be left in the conference room in the library on the second floor. Coats and hats
may also be hung on the coat racks outside of the Courtroom.
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