Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 19

for filing purposes and that date shall constitute the date of
filing unless the Clerk notes otherwise on the docket.
(c) Manner and Proof of Service.
Any document
submitted for filing with the Court shall be served on all parties
in the case.
CM/ECF Users.
When a document is submitted
through the CM/ECF system, the system will electronically
generate a notice of docket activity. That notice shall
constitute both service and proof of service of the submitted
document with regard to any party in that case who is also a
CM/ECF User.
Non-CM/ECF Users.
Service by or on a party who
is a Non-CM/ECF User shall be accomplished by providing a
copy of the document to be filed to a responsible person at the
office of the representative of a party, or the office or home of
a party, by personal delivery, mail, or private commercial
carrier. Proof of service is accomplished by submitting with
the document to be filed either:
(A) an acknowledgment by the person served of
his or her personal service, or
(B) a statement certified by the person(s) who
made service, showing the date and manner of service
and the names and addresses of the persons served.
Proof of service may appear on or be attached to the document
filed. The Secretary's representative is the General Counsel of
the Department of Veterans Affairs, whose address is General
Counsel (027), Department of Veterans Affairs, 810 Vermont
Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20420-0002.
(d) Identification.
All documents submitted for filing
with the Court must be submitted under signature of the party
submitting the document or of the party's representative of
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