Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 22

(c) Additional Time After Service by Mail.
General rule
. If a party is required or permitted to
do an act within a period initiated by service of a document
under these Rules on that party by another party and the
document is served by mail, 5 days are added to the period for
doing that act.
Service overseas by Secretary
. If a document is
served by the Secretary by means other than through CM/ECF
on an appellant, petitioner, or representative who is located
outside the United States, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands, 30
additional days are added to the applicable period.
Court orders and notices
. Additional time under
this Rule is not added to the periods set in Court orders and
notices or in Rules 4 (Filing Appeal; Docketing; Copy of Board
Decision), 35 (Motions for Reconsideration, Panel Decision, or
Full Court Review), and 39(a) (Attorney Fees and Expenses–
(d) Combined Motions Prohibited.
With the
exception of a motion for leave to file an out-of-time motion to
extend time, a motion to extend time may not be combined
with any other motion. The Clerk will return any motion that
violates this subsection.
(a) Content of Motions.
Unless another form is
required by these Rules, an application for relief shall be made
by filing a motion, with proof of service (
Rule 25(c)
(Manner and Proof of Service)) on all other parties. The
motion shall–
(1) contain or be accompanied by any material required
by any of the Rules governing such a motion;
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