Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 25

(2) a table of authorities consisting of cases
(alphabetically listed), statutes, other authorities cited, and
pages of the record before the agency cited (including a title or
description for each document) in numerical order by record
citation, with references to the page of the brief where they are
cited (
Form 18 (Sample Format for Table of Authorities) in
the Appendix of Forms);
(3) a statement of the issues;
(4) (i) a statement of the case, showing briefly the
nature of the case, the course of proceedings, the result below,
and the facts relevant to the issues, with appropriate page
references to the record before the agency;
(ii) when citing to the record, citations shall
include the specific page(s) being cited, followed in
parentheses by citation to all pages of the document from
which the referenced page is cited. When relevant, specific
pages for envelopes and date stamps associated with the
document shall be included. Parties shall not cite solely to the
Board decision for any factual underlying issues on appeal,
unless the source document is unavailable;
Practitioner's Note: Parties are charged with
exercising judgment in determining what
constitutes the document from which a page
is cited. For example, if there is a 3-page
Notice of Disagreement (NOD) with 100
pages of attachments and the brief is citing
page 2 of the NOD and the attachments are
not essential to or referenced in the brief, the
party need only cite the 3 pages of the NOD
(e.g., R. at 44 (43-45)). As another example,
service medical records as a whole would not
constitute one document, but an entrance
examination report would.
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