Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 27

are exempt from the requirements of subsection (a) of this Rule
and from the requirements of Rule 32 (Forms of Briefs,
Appendices, and Other Documents). An informal brief must
comply with the Rule 32(f) identification requirement and may
not be longer than 30 pages
, double-spaced, in at least a 12-point
typeface or its equivalent, if handwritten
Amicus Curiae Brief.
Rule 29 (Brief of an
Amicus Curiae).
Motions Prohibited.
After the Court has issued
the initial notice to file a brief to the appellant, the Court will
not accept a motion, other than a joint motion for remand or
termination, from any party in lieu of a brief required by
subsections (a) through (c). A motion may not be included as
part of any brief; the Court will not act on any motion so
included. The Clerk will return any motion that violates this
References to the Record Before the Agency.
References in the briefs to the record before the agency shall be
to the pages as transmitted by the Secretary, as described in
Rule 10(a) (Record Before the Agency).
See also
Rule 28.1(a)
(Preparation of the Record of Proceedings). Commonly
understood abbreviations may be used.
Reproduction of Documents.
If determination of
the issues requires consideration of superseded statutes, rules,
or regulations, or unpublished authorities, relevant parts shall
be reproduced in the brief or in an appendix. Documents in the
record before the agency may not be reproduced in or attached
to the brief.
Multiple Appellants.
In cases involving more than
one appellant, including consolidated cases, any number of
appellants may join in a single brief, and any appellant may
adopt by reference any part of the brief of another. Appellants
may similarly join in reply briefs.
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