Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 29

(b) Disputes.
If any dispute arises as to the
preparation or contents of the record of proceedings, the Court,
on its own initiative or on motion of any party, will resolve the
matter. Any party's motion shall be filed within 14 days after
the record of proceedings has been served and shall describe
the good faith efforts that have been made to resolve the
dispute. An opposing party may file a response to such a
motion not later than 7 days after the motion is served.
(c) Additional Record Material.
The Court may
direct any party to file additional record material.
(a) When Permitted.
A brief submitted to the Court
by an amicus curiae will be filed by the Clerk only after the
Court has granted a motion for leave to file.
(b) Motion for Leave To File.
The motion must be
accompanied by the proposed brief and state:
(1) the movant's interest and whether all parties
consent to the filing of the brief;
(2) why the matters asserted are relevant to the
disposition of the case; and
(3) why the Court should grant leave to file the
(c) Time.
An amicus curiae must submit the motion
for leave to file not later than 7 days after the principal brief of
the party being supported is filed unless the Court permits later
filing. An amicus curiae that does not support either party
must file its brief no later than 7 days after the appellant's or
petitioner's principal brief is filed.
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