Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 31

(b) Citation of Supplemental Authority.
pertinent and significant authority comes to the attention of a
party after the party's brief has been filed or after oral argument
but before the decision, a party shall promptly file notice with
the Clerk, and serve all other parties. In no case will
supplemental authority-pertinent and significant or otherwise-
be accepted by the Clerk for filing fewer than 7 days preceding
a scheduled oral argument, without leave of the Court. The
notice shall set forth the citation(s) to the authority or include a
copy of the supplemental authority if it is not readily available
in a reporter system. The notice shall refer to the page of the
brief or to a point argued orally to which each citation pertains,
and shall state without argument the reasons for the
supplemental citation(s). Any response shall be made
promptly and shall be similarly limited.
(a) Time Limits.
Except in cases covered by Rule 47
(Expedited Proceedings),
(1) the appellant shall serve and file a brief not later
(A) 60 days after the expiration of the 14-day
period provided under Rule 10(b) (Record Before the
Agency–Disputes) for the parties to notify the Court of
any unresolved dispute regarding the Record Before the
Agency, or
(B) 30 days after the completion of the Rule 33
staff conference, whichever is later.
Briefing deadlines may be modified by the Court when
the Court is required to resolve a dispute in connection
with a motion under Rule 10(b);
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