Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 33

must begin with a separate caption page; a cover is not
Form 2 in the Appendix of Forms.
(d) Page Numbers.
Pages shall be numbered in the
center of the bottom margin, using Arabic numerals for the
pages subject to the page limitation and lower case Roman
numerals for the table of contents, table of authorities,
certificate of service, and any appendix containing superseded
statutes, rules and regulations, and unpublished authorities.
(e) Length of Briefs.
Except by permission of the
Court or as limited by Rule 47 (Expedited Proceedings),
principal briefs may not exceed 30 pages and reply briefs may
not exceed 15 pages, not counting the table of contents; the
table of authorities; any appendix containing superseded
statutes, rules, and regulations, and unpublished authorities;
and the certificate of service.
(f) Identification.
The signature, printed name,
address, and telephone number of the representative of record
Rule 46(a)(3) (Practitioner defined)) or of a self-
represented party shall appear on a brief or other document
submitted for filing to the Clerk.
(g) Noncompliance.
Rule 45(j) (Noncompliant
(a) Participation.
The Court may order the
representatives and self-represented parties to participate in a
staff conference, in person or by telephone, to consider
refinement of the issues and such other matters as may help the
Court resolve the case. When necessary, the Court will enter
an appropriate order to control future proceedings. Parties are
strongly encouraged to discuss settlement or alternative
disposition of the matters on appeal.
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