Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 34

(b) Pre-Briefing Process.
In cases scheduled for pre-
briefing staff conferences:
(1) No later than 14 days prior to the staff conference,
the appellant shall submit to the Secretary and Central Legal
Staff (CLS) a summary of the issues the appellant intends to
raise in the appeal, including citations to relevant authorities
and submission of pertinent material in the record before the
(2) The summary of issues shall be limited to 10 pages,
subject to the requirements of Rule 32(b); the 10-page limit
does not include submission of pertinent material in the record
before the agency;
(3) Submissions shall be emailed to CLS at CLS
r faxed to CLS at (202) 585-
(4) The appellant shall also submit for filing with the
Court and serve on the Secretary a certificate of service that
includes the date of the appellant's submission to the Secretary
and to CLS, the specific manner of service (fax or email), and
the names and addresses of the persons served.
(c) Consultation.
The representatives of the parties
must consult with their respective clients in good faith to
determine whether joint resolution of the appeal or settlement
is possible. At the time of the staff conference, the
representative must either possess the authority to enter into a
joint resolution of the appeal or settlement to the extent
authorized by the client or be in immediate contact with a
person having such authority.
(d) Nondisclosure to Judges.
Statements made during
a conference, including written memoranda submitted for the
conference, may not be disclosed to a Judge of the Court unless
the parties agree in writing to such disclosure. This subsection
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