Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 39

legal issue of continuing public interest; or resolve a case in
which the outcome is reasonably debatable; and
(3) a motion for full-Court review shall state–
(A) how such action will secure or maintain
uniformity of the Court's decisions; or
(B) what question of exceptional importance is
(f) Form and Length.
Except by the Court's
permission, a motion or response (including any supporting
memorandum or brief) under this Rule may not exceed 15
pages. The motion shall otherwise comply with Rules 25
(Filing and Service) and 27 (Motions), but it need not indicate
whether it is opposed.
(g) Response; Action on the Motion.
No response to
a motion under this Rule may be filed unless it is requested by
the Court, but a motion for full Court review ordinarily will not
be granted without such a request. A motion for
reconsideration will be decided by the Judge or panel that
rendered the decision. A motion for panel decision will be
referred to a panel. A motion for full Court review or for
reconsideration of a full Court decision will be referred to all of
the Judges in regular active service. Consideration by the full
Court requires the vote of at least a majority of the eligible
Judges in regular active service.
(a) Judgment.
Judgment begins the 60-day time
period for appealing to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the
Federal Circuit.
(b) Date of Judgment.
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