Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 45

combined billing statement under a certification that he or she
has (1) reviewed the combined billing statement and is satisfied
that it accurately reflects the work performed by all
representatives and (2) considered and eliminated all time that
is excessive or redundant.
(g) Additional Requirements for Non-Attorney
A non-attorney practitioner must include in the
application for EAJA fees a statement of the non-attorney
practitioner's education and experience in representing
claimants before this Court and a justification for the hourly fee
(a) General.
The Court will have a Rules Advisory
Committee (Committee) to study and advise the Court on
possible changes to Rules of the Court, either sua sponte or at
the request of the Court. The Committee will submit its
recommendations to the Chief Judge through the Clerk.
(b) Appointment.
The Chief Judge, with the
concurrence of the Board of Judges, will appoint nine members
of the Court's bar to serve on the Committee, eight as members
and one as the chair. At least two members of the Committee
will be attorneys employed by the Department of Veterans
(c) Terms.
Length of terms
. Each member and each new chair
will be appointed for a term of two years. Notwithstanding the
terms provided for in the preceding sentence, the term of any
person serving by virtue of employment by VA will end
automatically at such time as the person is no longer so
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