Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 51

(1) dismiss or terminate an appeal or petition with
or without prejudice to reinstate it;
(2) remand a case;
(3) reinstate a case that was dismissed for failure
to comply with the Rules;
(4) extend the time for taking any action required
or permitted by the Rules or by an order of the Court, unless
the motion is made after the time limit has elapsed or unless the
basis for the motion is extraordinary circumstances as required
by Rule 26(b) (Extension of Time);
(5) stay a case, with the exception that for the
purpose of allowing the parties time to negotiate a settlement or
other joint resolution, the Clerk may stay a case for only up to a
total of 60 days;
(6) consolidate appeals;
(7) withdraw or substitute an appearance;
(8) correct a brief or other document; or
(9) obtain attorney fees and expenses pursuant to
28 U.S.C. § 2412(d).
(h) Sua Sponte Dismissal of Cases.
The Clerk may
dismiss a case for the appellant's failure to pay the filing fee or
to file a brief.
See also
Rule 35(a) (Motion for
(i) Construction of Rules in Self-Representation
Consistent with the practice of the Court, the Clerk will
liberally construe the Rules as they apply to self-represented
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