Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 54

competence in veterans law and the administrative claims
process does not in and of itself connote competence in
appellate practice and procedure.
Practitioner defined.
A person who has been
admitted under this subsection or has been permitted to appear
under subsection (b)(1)(F) is referred to in this Rule as a
Change of address.
Each practitioner shall give the
Clerk and all other parties written notice (not included in
another filing) of any change of his or her electronic or street
address or telephone or fax number. Absent such notice, the
delivery of documents to the address most recently provided by
that person will be fully effective.
(b) Representation Requirements.
General appearance
(A) Appellants' Representatives. Each practitioner
representing an appellant shall submit for filing with the
Court and serve on the Secretary, no later than the date
of the first filing submitted by the practitioner on behalf
of the appellant, a notice of appearance in the detail set
out in Form 3 in the Appendix of Forms, and a copy of
any retainer agreement and any fee agreement for
representation before the Court, which when
electronically filed will be locked (
E-Rule 4(a)).
(B) Secretary's Representatives. Each practitioner
representing the Secretary shall submit for filing with
the Court and serve on the appellant, no later than the
date on which the Secretary files the record before the
agency, a notice of appearance. The Secretary may
substitute a practitioner of record at any time by
submitting for filing with the Court and serving on the
appellant a notice of appearance of the new practitioner.
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