Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 55

(C) Appearance by a Non-Attorney Practitioner.
Each notice of appearance and pleading submitted for
filing by a non-attorney practitioner shall include the
name, address, and signature of the responsible
supervising attorney under subsection (a)(2)(A) or the
identification of the employing organization under
subsection (a)(2)(B).
(D) Appearance by Multiple Representatives. In
cases where multiple representatives submit for filing a
notice of appearance, one representative must be
designated as lead representative.
(E) Appearance by an Organization Prohibited.
With the exception of an organization operating under
the provisions of Public Law No. 102-229,
Practitioner's Note to Rule 5, an appearance may not be
made in the name of a law firm or other organization.
(F) Appearance in a Particular Case. On motion
and a showing of good cause, and submission of a
completed application, the Court may permit any
attorney or non-attorney practitioner not admitted to
practice before the Court, or any other person in
exceptional circumstances, to appear on behalf of a
party or amicus curiae for the purposes of a particular
case. Whenever a person makes an appearance under
this subsection, the person will be deemed to have
conferred disciplinary jurisdiction upon the Court for
any alleged misconduct in the course of, in the
preparation for, or in connection with any proceeding in
that case. Each attorney and non-attorney practitioner
generally is limited to one appearance under this
subsection. Except as permitted by the Court, any
subsequent appearances shall be made under Rule 46(a)
(1) (Admission of Attorneys to Bar of Court) or (a)(2)
(Admission of Non-Attorneys to Practice).
(G) Appearance by Law Students.
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