Rules of Practice and Procedure effective September 15, 2011 - page 58

for the limited purpose of submitting a Notice of
Appeal for filing with the Court shall, when submitting
such Notice of Appeal:
(i) provide the appellant's current address and
telephone number; and
(ii) aver to the Court that the appellant has
been advised, or, alternatively, will be advised, of
the appellant's responsibility to abide by the
Court's Rules of Practice and Procedure, including
the need to timely serve and submit for filing a
(B) Stay for Case Evaluation. A practitioner
representing an organization operating under the
provisions of Public Law No. 102-229 may enter a
limited appearance to seek a stay in a case for the
purpose of case evaluation.
Rule 5(a) (Stay of
Appellate Proceedings–Grounds) and Practitioner's
Note to Rule 5. A limited appearance and stay request
may be presented in a single motion for stay.
Practitioner's Note: Any filing for a limited
appearance by a non-attorney practitioner
must be signed by the supervising attorney.
(c) Withdrawal from Representation.
Except as
noted in subsection (b)(1)(B) and (b)(1)(D) (General
appearances) and in subparagraph (2) (Limited appearances), a
practitioner may not withdraw from a case without obtaining
the Court's permission. The practitioner's authority and duty
continue until the practitioner is relieved by the Court, subject
to conditions that the Court considers appropriate.
General appearances
. Permission to withdraw
may be sought by submitting for filing a motion to withdraw
(A) states the reasons for withdrawal;
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