Page 21 - Rules of Admission and Practice

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has been terminated, the Clerk will issue an order imposing on him or her an immediate
administrative suspension from practice. All administrative suspensions under this subsection
are nondisciplinary.
(c) Recertification.
A non-attorney practitioner who is under a new sponsorship arrangement or
who has been suspended under subsection (b) above may apply for recertification under Rule 46
of the Court's Rules of Practice and Procedure by filing a new sponsorship certificate, identical
to that required for admission. Such application may be filed at any time after the non-attorney
practitioner concerned has been suspended.
(d) Appeal.
A non-attorney practitioner who has been suspended under subsection (b) above may
appeal that suspension to the Court by filing a notice of appeal with the Clerk not later than 30
days after such suspension is effected. The Clerk will then refer the matter to a Panel for
The Chief Judge will issue an order disbarring a practitioner who is the subject of an
investigation or proceeding under Rule 6 when the practitioner concerned files an affidavit stating
that he or she:
(a) Is aware of the pending investigation or proceeding, the nature and allegations of whichmust
be specifically set forth in the affidavit; and
(b) acknowledges that the material facts so alleged are true or that he or she has no defense to
the allegations; and
(c) consents freely and voluntarily to disbarment, with full awareness of its implications.
The Clerk will mail a copy of the disbarment order (along with a copy of these rules) to the
practitioner concerned.
(a) After Suspension for a Definite Period.
(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2) below, a practitioner upon whom a disciplinary
suspension has been imposed for a definite period may resume practice at the end of the
suspension period. If any conditions were imposed in the suspension order, the practitioner
may resume practice only after filing with the Clerk an affidavit of compliance or other
evidence of compliance as required by the Panel, with those conditions.