Page 23 - Rules of Admission and Practice

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(B) issue a non-public order referring the matter to the Committee for a report and
recommendation as to whether the practitioner concerned should be reinstated and,
after receiving such report and any report rebuttal:
(i) Issue an order reinstating the practitioner concerned; or
(ii) issue an order to show cause why the Court should not deny the application for
reinstatement; or
(iii) hold in abeyance the application for reinstatement and issue an order stating what
action or forebearance of action is required as a prior or subsequent condition for
the reinstatement of the practitioner concerned.
(3) After receiving a show-cause response to an order issued in accordance with subsection
(c)(2)(B) above, or after the time for receiving a show-cause response has expired, the Panel
will take whatever action prescribed in subsection (c)(2)(B) above that it considers
appropriate, or deny the application.
(d) Orders.
(1) An order reinstating an applicant, issued by the Clerk pursuant to this Rule, will state only
that the Court reinstates the applicant. Such order will be a public order.
(2) An order reinstating an applicant, issued by a Panel pursuant to this Rule, may discuss the
details of the application and the Court's rationale for granting the application for
reinstatement. Such order will be a public order.
(e) Substitution of Judges.
The Clerk will substitute a randomly selected judge of the Court for
any judge who was part of the Panel of the Court that imposed the suspension or disbarment but
who is no longer eligible or able to serve on the Panel.
(f) Nonapplicability.
This Rule shall not apply to reinstatement in connection with a proceeding
under Rules 8 or 9 above.
(a) Confidentiality.
(1) Except as otherwise provided in these rules, the charges, investigations, hearings, and other
proceedings under these rules are confidential; in no case will the affidavit required under
Rule 10 be released.