Page 26 - Rules of Admission and Practice

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(c) Notification to National Discipline Data Bank.
Following the issuance of an order imposing
discipline, as prescribed in Rule 5(e), and subject to subsection (d) below, the Clerk will
promptly mail a certified copy of the order imposing public discipline to the American Bar
Association's National Discipline Data Bank.
(d) Motion to Stay Notification.
Not later than 14 days after public discipline has been imposed,
the practitioner concerned may file a motion with the Court to stay notification pursuant to this
Rule until after all action on an appeal by the practitioner concerned of the discipline imposed
by the Court is completed. Evidence that an appeal has been filed must accompany a motion
filed pursuant to this subsection.
Nothing in these rules shall be construed to deny the Court or otherwise limit the exercise of the
powers – such as its contempt powers under 38 U.S.C. § 7265(a) – necessary to maintain control
over its proceedings, or to deprive the Court of the power to exercise its inherent disciplinary powers.