Page 5 - Rules of Admission and Practice

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When used in these rules the following terms shall have the following meaning:
(a) Applicant.
The term "applicant"means a person applying for admission or a former practitioner
applying for reinstatement after having been suspended or disbarred.
(b) Committee
. The term "Committee" means the Court's Committee on Admission and Practice
as provided for in Rule 2.
(c) The Panel.
Generally, the term "the Panel" means a panel of three judges of the Court. The
judges on a panel will be (1) those chosen at random by the Clerk, or (2) a standing panel if the
Court decides to establish such a panel on a rotating or permanent basis. When a judge on such
a panel is not available to continue to serve as a judge in a particular matter, the Clerk will
replace that judge with another judge, selected at random from the Court.
(d) Mail.
The terms "mail", "mailed", and "mailing" mean to send by certified mail (return-receipt-
requested) via the U.S. Postal Service to the address most recently provided to the Court by a
(e) Practitioner.
The term "practitioner" means an attorney or non-attorneywho has been admitted
to practice under Rule 46(a) or (b) or permitted to appear under Rule 46(c) of the Court's Rules
of Practice and Procedure.
(f) Practitioner Concerned.
The term "practitioner concerned" means a practitioner who is being
considered for admission or discipline under these rules. In Court orders regarding disciplinary
proceedings under these rules, the practitioner concerned is referred to as "the respondent".
(a) Appointment.
(1) The Chief Judge, with the concurrence of the Court, shall appoint members of the Court's
bar to serve as members of the Committee on Admission and Practice, and designate one
member as the Chair. The number of members on the Committee shall be determined by the
Chief Judge in consultation with (concurrence not required) the Court. The Committee shall
perform its duties in panels of three members. The members of each panel shall be selected
by the Clerk at random. Any member selected at random may, for justifiable reason as
determined by the Committee Chair, decide not to serve as a member of a particular panel.
The Clerk shall select at random a replacement for that panel member. The Committee
Chair shall appoint a chair for each panel.