Page 9 - Rules of Admission and Practice

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(f) Cooperation with Committee.
It is the duty of the applicant or the practitioner concerned or
his or her counsel to cooperate with the Committee. In the event of a failure of such cooperation,
the Committee may include in its report to the Court any recommendation that it considers
appropriate for the imposition of discipline for such failure.
(g) Report and Rebuttal.
The Committee will mail to the practitioner concerned a copy of its
report, with a notification that the practitioner concerned may submit, in accordance with
subsection (d)(8) above and not later than 30 days after the date that the report is received by the
practitioner concerned, a report rebuttal.
(h) Confidentiality.
Except to the extent reasonably necessary to carry out its responsibilities and
unless otherwise ordered by the Court, the Committee will treat in confidence all information
relating to the referral of any matter to it.
(i) Expenses of Committee
. The Court will make available to the Committee appropriate funds
to cover the expenses of its operation in accordance with these rules.
38 U.S.C. § 7285(b).
(a) Admission
. Admission to practice before the Court is governed by Rule 46 of the Court's Rules
of Practice and Procedure, as supplemented by these rules.
(b) Contested Admissions
. The Clerk will refer to the Chief Judge any application for admission
to practice when it appears that the applicant may not be qualified under Rule 46(a) or (b) of the
Court's Rules of Practice and Procedure.
(1) If the Chief Judge determines that the matter raised is not disqualifying, the Chief Judge will
direct the Clerk to grant admission; otherwise, the Clerk will be directed to docket the matter
and refer it to a Panel.
(2) The Panel will:
(A) Direct the Clerk to grant admission; or
(B) issue an order directing the applicant to show cause why the application should not be
denied; or
(C) refer the matter to the Committee for action in accordance with the procedures
established in Rule 2, and, after receiving the Committee's report, grant or deny the
application or re-refer the matter to the Committee for action in accordance with the
procedures established in Rule 2.