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Internal Operating Procedures
Table of Contents

United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

Internal Operating Procedures

Table of Contents

  • I. Screening Process
    • (a) Duties of the Central Legal Staff and Public Office
      (b) Duties of the Screening Judge
  • II. Single-Judge Action
    • (a) Policy
      (b) Procedure
  • III. Reconsideration, Requests for Panel Decision, and Subsequent Appeals
    • (a) Reconsideration and/or Request for Panel Decision
      (b) Subsequent Appeals
  • IV. Oral Argument
    • (a) When Allowed
      (b) Time and Manner
  • V. Panel Process
    • (a) Policy
      (b) Forming Panels
      (c) Panel Disposition
      (d) Panel Action and Separate Statements
      (e) Dissolving Panels
  • VI. Post-Panel Process
    • (a) Reconsideration
      (b) Review
  • VII. En Banc Process
    • (a) Policy
      (b) Procedure
  • VIII. Publication of Court Actions
    • (a) Policy
      (b) Designation for Publication
  • IX. Motions, Consolidation
    • (a) Motions
      (b) Consolidation
  • X. Internal Circulation of Decisions
    • (a) Policy
      (b) Procedure
  • XI. Petitions for Extraordinary Writs
    • (a) Policy
      (b) Procedure
  • XII. Applications for Attorney Fees and Expenses
    • (a) Procedure
      (b) Judge or Panel Assignment
      (c) Bifurcated Applications
      (d) Finality
  • XIII. Board of Judges
    • (a) Composition
      (b) Meetings
      (c) Resolutions
  • XIV. Standing Panel on Admission and Discipline