Page 22 - Rules of Admission and Practice

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(2) A practitioner whose suspension was directed to run concurrently with a suspension
mandated by another court may resume practice only after filing with the Clerk an affidavit
that he or she has been reinstated by the other court and after completion of the procedures
set forth in paragraph (3) below.
(3) Any affidavit filed under paragraph (1) or (2) above will be referred by the Clerk to the Court
(specifically, to the panel that imposed the suspension) and, unless otherwise ordered by the
Panel, the Clerk will issue an order reinstating the practitioner 14 days after referral of the
affidavit to the Panel.
(4) After referral by the Clerk of an affidavit in accordance with paragraph (3) above, the Panel
may take action as prescribed in subsection (c)(2)(A) and (B) below or may take no action.
(b) After Disbarment or Suspension for an Indefinite Period.
(1) A practitioner upon whom a disciplinary suspension has been imposed for an indefinite
period or who has been disbarred may not resume practice before the Court until reinstated
by order of the Court.
(2) Such a practitioner may apply for reinstatement only by filing an application with the Clerk,
but not until the expiration of at least one year after the date of the disbarment or suspension
order or last rejection of reinstatement.
(3) The practitioner shall have the burden of demonstrating by clear and convincing evidence
that he or she possesses the moral and professional qualifications required for admission to
practice before the Court and that the practitioner's resumption of practice before the Court
will not be detrimental to the integrity and standing of the bar or to the administration of
(c) Application.
(1) An application for reinstatement shall consist of a letter from the practitioner concerned that
is filed with the Clerk.
(2) The Clerk will promptly refer an application for reinstatement that meets the criteria of
subsection (b) above, when applicable, to the panel of the Court that imposed the suspension
or disbarment. The Panel will:
(A) Issue an order reinstating the practitioner concerned; or