Rules of Practice and Procedure

PDF † (Posted 01/06/2023)

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Rule 1Scope of Rules
Rule 2Suspension of Rules
Rule 3Appellate Procedure
Rule 4Filing Appeal: Docketing; Copy of Board Decision
Rule 5Stay of Appellate Proceedings
Rule 6Protection of Privacy
Rule 7Reserved
Rule 8Suspension of Secretarial Action or Suspension of Precedential Effect of Decision of this Court
Rule 9Reserved
Rule 10Record Before the Agency
Rule 11Reserved
Rule 12Reserved
Rule 13Reserved
Rule 14Reserved
Rule 15Intervention
Rule 16Reserved
Rule 17Reserved
Rule 18Reserved
Rule 19Reserved
Rule 20Reserved
Rule 21Extraordinary Relief
Rule 22Filing a Request for Class Certification and Class Action (RCA)
Rule 23Action on a Request for Class Certification and Class Action (RCA)
Rule 24Waiver of Filing Fee
Rule 25Filing and Service
Rule 26Computation and Extension of Time
Rule 27Motions
Rule 27.1Motion for Initial Review by Panel
Rule 28Briefs
Rule 28.1Record of Proceedings
Rule 29Brief of an Amicus Curiae
Rule 30Citation of Certain Authority
Rule 31Filing and Service of Briefs
Rule 32Form of Briefs, Appendices, and Other Documents
Rule 33Staff Conference
Rule 34Oral Argument
Rule 35Motions for Reconsideration, Panel Decision, or Full Court Review
Rule 36Entry of Judgment
Rule 37Retention Requirements for Documents
Rule 38Frivolous Filings; Failure to Act
Rule 39Attorney Fees and Expenses
Rule 40Rules Advisory Committee
Rule 41Mandate
Rule 42Voluntary Termination or Dismissal
Rule 43Substitution of Parties
Rule 44Judicial Conference
Rule 45Duties of Clerk
Rule 46Practice Before the Court and Representation
Rule 46.1Self-Representation
Rule 47Expedited Proceedings
Rule 48Sealing of Cases
Rule 49Complaints Against Judges

Appendix of Forms (Court Forms)

Index (Re: Rule Numbers)